EDITORIAL: Bramnick May Be What State Needs

Gannett News, 11/24/14

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick is a funny guy. Seriously. You wouldn’t really expect it at a glance – Bramnick is, after all, a Republican lawyer who very much looks the part of a Republican lawyer – but he’s also had some experience with stand-up comedy. So he knows how to make people laugh, and he knows the value of a little humor.


Bramnick, R-Union, carried that light-hearted message to the New Jersey League of Municipalities convention last week, where he helped lead a panel discussion on “The Power of LOL: Using Humor to Solve Municipal Issues.” The gist was that officials should lighten up a little in trying to get things done. They may find that a few laughs can make their path a lot easier, with allies and opponents alike.

It’s a message public officials would do well to heed. Most New Jerseyans would love to find a politician they can laugh with rather than laugh at. That doesn’t mean treating the serious business of government and politics lightly. It does mean giving residents a sense that real people are in charge, people with an independent mind and a sense of humor and not just a collection of vaguely shady characters serving themselves and their benefactors instead of the public….


What Our Newspaper is Saying:

“We have always been impressed with Bramnick…He is respected by his peers in the Assembly…Bramnick has been a very visible Assemblyman…He is an accessible politician, very down to earth, and, refreshingly, doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

-Echoes-Sentinel, May 21, 2009

“Assemblyman Bramnick…works well with both Republicans and Democrats”
-The Westfield Leader, June 6, 2013

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